An environmental consultancy committed to improving property stewardship through sustainable business solutions.

From Risk to Opportunity

Clear Objectives

Clarifying the goals of your environmental program will aid buy-in and evaluation of success.

Defensible Data

Obtain the requisite data, and get the most out of it.

Innovative Options

Ensure you have the most appropriate solution by considering relevant options.

Appropriate Consultation

Gather input, make a decision and move forward.

Property stewardship starts with minimizing risks that bring unacceptable uncertainty.  Moving to opportunity includes evaluating the tangible and intangible benefits of enhancing the environmental attributes of your property. I can help you find sustainable solutions that can yield benefits multiplying to the site owner, occupants and neighbours – now and in the future.


Brownfields – Manufacturing – Agriculture – Land Development


I am a licensed Professional Geoscientist – a qualified practitioner that believes site restoration is possible while using financial resources wisely.  Whether you want someone to manage your site assessment, are looking for a second opinion, or need to add geoscience expertise to your team, I will provide you with independent advice that will help you move closer to your goals.


The following general categories explain the type of services I can provide:


Consulting Services || Coaching and Facilitation

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